Improving GDPR – German startups and leading companies in conversation with Axel Voss (MEP) and Tankred Schipanski (Member of the German parliament)

Jennifer Bode, 29.03.2021

Three years after the introduction of the GDPR, there is still a big need for improvement, even if many members of the European Parliament disagree (s. their recent decision here). To highlight possible improvements, the Internet Economy Foundation hosted a virtual round table on March 22 with Axel Voss (MEP) and Tankred Schipanski (Member of the German parliament), who are both fighting for a revision of the GDPR. Representatives from startups as well as established companies had the opportunity to formulate criticism, present their own ideas for improving the law and discuss them with the two politicians.

We collected 20 key ideas that aim at

  • creating more legal certainty for companies,

  • securing better support from supervisory authorities,

  • making it easier to use data in crucial fields such as medicine,

  • reducing the GDPR-related workload, especially for small companies,

  • communicating the advantages that GDPR can bring and showcasing privacy by design solutions,

  • and taking into account cooperation with non-EU countries and companies.