IE.F begrüßt Digitalpläne der Ampel – Pressemitteilung zum Koalitionsvertrag

Clark Parsons & Jennifer Bode, 29.11.2021

Der Geschäftsführer der IE.F, Clark Parsons, erklärt: “Die digitale Wirtschaft ist der Schlüssel zu Deutschlands Zukunft und zum Erhalt unseres Wohlstandes. Daher begrüßen wir, wie ambitioniert und detailreich die Pläne der Ampelkoalition in diesem Bereich sind. Die IE.F wünscht für die schwierige Umsetzung …

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„Establishing a Digital Euro“ – International Experts Evaluate the Potential and the Risks of a Digital Euro at IE.F Event

Jennifer Bode, 13.10.2021

To celebrate the release of our study "Establishing a Digital Euro – How to Ensure Financial Sovereignty in the Digital Realm", we invited Dr. Jürgen Schaaf (European Central Bank), Sergey Nazarov (Chainlink), Nicolas Brand (Lakestar), Valeria Aragonés Díaz (iconomy) and Michael Kumhof (Ban…

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Press Release: A Digital Euro: Europe’s Chance to Secure a Role in the Global Internet Economy

Jennifer Bode, 08.09.2021

New Study Highlights the Key Design Choices Facing the European Central Bank and Makes Recommendations for Building an Innovation-Compatible Digital Euro Berlin, 08. Sept., 2021 – If money is now completely programmable, how should a digital Euro be established? This is the question addressed by E…

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Establishing the Digital Euro – A Short Preview of the new IE.F Study at SmartCon

Jennifer Bode, 02.08.2021

If we want to develop and maintain a vibrant digital ecosystem in the EU, one that is shaped by fair competition and European values, we have to ask ourselves how a Digital Euro should be built, how it should function. Together with our partners Lakestar and Chainlink, we will therefore publish an…

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Improving GDPR – German startups and leading companies in conversation with Axel Voss (MEP) and Tankred Schipanski (Member of the German parliament)

Jennifer Bode, 29.03.2021

Three years after the introduction of the GDPR, there is still a big need for improvement, even if many members of the European Parliament disagree (s. their recent decision here). To highlight possible improvements, the Internet Economy Foundation hosted a virtual round table on March 22 with Axel…

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Launch des Internet Economy Reports 2020

Amelie Druenkler, 23.09.2020

Internet Economy Report 2020 - Status Quo, Ausblick und Empfehlungen an die Politik IE.F präsentiert gemeinsam mit Roland Berger und Warburg Pincus umfassende Studie zur Lage der europäischen Internetwirtschaft. Gemeinsam stellen IE.F, Roland Berger und Warburg Pincus heute in Anwesenheit der S…

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Neue Studie #ESOPasap

Amelie Druenkler, 22.06.2020

ESOPasap - Wie bessere Rahmenbedingungen für Mitarbeiterbeteiligungen Innovation und Wachstum fördern IE.F präsentiert gemeinsam mit dem Startup-Verband, Boston Consulting Group, BCG Digital Ventures und Hengeler Mueller umfassende Studie zur Situation von Mitarbeiterbeteiligungen und sog. ESOPs (E…

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New Study by IE.F and Roland Berger - Democracy and digital disinformation

Amelie Drünkler, 27.02.2020

Press Release | Democracy and digital disinformation - How Europe can protect its people without endangering free speech Disinformation on the Internet, especially via social media, is becoming an increasing threat to social cohesion and our Western democracies. In its latest study "Democracy…

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Keeping cloud computing competitive: New study by IE.F and Roland Berger

Amelie Druenkler, 15.05.2019

Press Release | Keeping cloud computing competitive - How multi-cloud solutions benefit the private & public sectors Cloud computing has become a key element of digital products and services over the past decade. The market for cloud computing services is increasingly led by a few dominant…

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IE.F at OpenForum Europe

Amelie Druenkler, 28.02.2019

IE.F Managing Director Clark Parsons will be joining the Open Hybrid Cloud Round Table as a Keynote Speaker to debate how open standards and interoperability can enable a multi-vendor cloud market. Source: OpenForum Europe Graham Taylor (Chairman of OpenForum Europe) together with Clark Parsons,…

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Dark Clouds on the Horizon? Computing and Geopolitics

Amelie Druenkler, 31.01.2019

The Internet Economy Foundation in cooperation with the Munich Security Conference will host a Roundtable Discussion debating "Dark Clouds on the Horizon? Computing and Geopolitics" on February 14, 2019. The rise of “cloud-based” products and services has been one of the megatrends of the dig…

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No 5G Lead Market without Roaming – The Hour of Parliament (German Only)

Amelie Druenkler, 19.12.2018

Gastkommentar des IE.F-Vorsitzenden Prof. Friedbert Pflüger im Handelsblatt Handelsblatt print: Nr. 245 vom 19.12.2018 Seite 048 / Gastkommentar / © Handelsblatt GmbH Zum Artikel auf Handelsblatt online Quelle: Handelsblatt GmbH Peter Altmaier hat seinem Büro verboten, ihn auf Autofahrten mit au…

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6 Points on 5G Lead Market (German Only)

Amelie Druenkler, 06.11.2018

In einem gemeinsamen Papier stellen der Verband kommunaler Unternehmen, der Bundesverband Glasfaseranschluss und die Internet Economy Foundation ihre Ideen für einen 5G Leitmarkt in Deutschland vor und fordern Verbesserungen in den Regeln für die anstehenden Versteigerungen der 5G-Frequenzen. Q…

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Flash Survey on 5G: Startups do not believe in expansion plans of the Grand Coalition (German Only)

Amelie Druenkler, 12.10.2018

Pressemitteilung I Blitzumfrage zu 5G: Startups glauben nicht an Ausbaupläne der Bundesregierung Eine vom Bundesverband Deutsche Startups e.V. und der Internet Economy Foundation (IE.F) durchgeführte Blitzumfrage unter deutschen Startups zeigt, dass die schnelle und flächendeckende Einführung der 5G-…

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Andrew Keen and IE.F at sitzungswoche lecture

Amelie Druenkler, 14.09.2018

IE.F Managing Director Clark Parsons will engage with bestseller author Andrew Keen on September 20, 2018 in the next sitzungswoche lecture on his newest book "How to fix the future". After a short introduction into the book, the author Andrew Keen will discuss the societal challenges of…

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IE.F at DLD Europe 2018

Amelie Druenkler, 06.09.2018

DLD was back in Brussels for its third edition of DLD Europe, bringing together stakeholders from the political, economic, social and cultural fields to discuss the challenges and opportunities of the European digital sector. IE.F Managing Director Clark Parsons opened the conference with a…

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Europe to Google: you say ‘fragmentation’, we say ‘competition’

Clark Parsons, 30.07.2018

Opinion piece by Clark Parsons for the Financial Times Financial Times print: No. 39,846 on July 30, 2018, p. 9 © The Financial Times LTD 2018 Read article on FT online Source: IE.F It is clear that some market-dominating tech companies cannot police themselves With its landmark decision and …

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GDPR: And the Winner is Google! (German Only)

Felix Styma, 22.06.2018

Gastkommentar des IE.F-Vorsitzenden Prof. Friedbert Pflüger im Handelsblatt Handelsblatt print: Nr. 117 vom 21.06.2018 Seite 048 / Gastkommentar / © Handelsblatt GmbH Zum Artikel auf Handelsblatt online Quelle: Handelsblatt GmbH DSGVO - And the Winner is: Google Die digitale Aufholjagd Europas d…

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Venture Capital: New Study by IE.F, BVK and Roland Berger

Felix Styma, 14.06.2018

Press Release I Economic Driver Venture Capital: How Germany can Accelerate Innovation and Growth There is too little venture capital (VC) in Germany – especially for the growth phase of newly founded companies, and it is limiting the country’s growth, digital transformation, and most importantly, cha…

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Event with VBKI: The European Digital Economy (English only)

Felix Styma, 29.05.2018

Gemeinsam mit dem Verein Berliner Kaufleute und Industrieller e.V. richtet die Internet Economy Foundation am Abend des 14. Juni 2018 eine Veranstaltung zum Thema "Europäische Digitalwirtschaft – Treiber und Hürden für digitales Wachstum" aus: Die europäische Digitalwirtschaft steht vor einem…

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IE.F, BVK and Roland Berger publish new study: VC in Germany

Felix Styma, 29.05.2018

Event | IE.F, BVK and Roland Berger will publish new VC-Study at the 19th German Private Equity Day The Internet Economy Foundation, the German Private Equity and Venture Capital Association e.V. and Roland Berger are currently working on a joint study answering how Germany can close its…

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Erfolgsfaktor 5G: Neue Studie der IE.F und Roland Berger (German Only)

Felix Styma, 05.04.2018

Pressemitteilung | Neuer Mobilfunkstandard 5G: Schlüsseltechnologie für den Standort Deutschland – schnelles Handeln ist nötig Die mobile Datenkommunikation steht vor einem Quantensprung: Ab 2020 soll der neue 5G-Mobilfunkstandard in Deutschland die Basis für eine umfassende Digitalisierung von Wirts…

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IE.F welcomes the digital priorities of the future government (German Only)

Clark Parsons, 09.02.2018

Press Release regarding the prospective governing coalition The Chairman of it IE.F Board, Ralph Dommermuth, welcomes the digital priorities set by the future German federal government - the planned initiatives are overdue but set the right framework for a successful „Digitalwende." To ensure t…

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Digitalwende now: Securing our digital future (German only)

Felix Styma, 26.01.2018

As an impulse at the beginning of formal negotiations between the possible coalition parties CDU, CSU and SPD, the IE.F has published an open letter in Germany’s leading newspapers, calling on the future government to set the right framework for successful digitalization. Download letter as a PDF

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IE.F at DLD Munich: A European Digital Agenda

Clark Parsons, 24.01.2018

The Internet Economy Foundation was present throughout the recent DLD Munich, as we hosted a panel that explored how France and Germany can work together to drive Europe’s digital future. Titled Digital Powerhouse Europe? An urgent Agenda for Macron and Merkel, the session featured leading tech f…

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Policy Paper on Economic Effects of the ePrivacy Regulation

Clark Parsons, 13.10.2017

Visions of digital growth in Europe are currently dimmed by a European Commission initiative: the so-called ePrivacy Regulation. Initially intended as a complementary guideline to clarify the General Data Protection Regulation’s privacy rules for personal electronic communications data, the r…

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Fake News: The US Trade Deficit (German Only)

Felix Styma, 19.10.2017

Gastkommentar des IE.F-Vorsitzenden Prof. Friedbert Pflüger im Handelsblatt Handelsblatt print: Nr. 201 vom 18.10.2017 Seite 056 / Gastkommentar / © Handelsblatt GmbH Zum Artikel auf Handelsblatt online Source: Handelsblatt GmbH Fake News: Das US-Bilanzdefizit Trumps Handelsbilanz-Vorwurf u…

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IE.F Helps Launch EU Digital Squads

Felix Styma, 09.10.2017

On Friday, September 29, European heads of State and Government gathered in Estonia to discuss the future of innovation across the Continent at the Tallinn Digital Summit. The IE.F was one of five independent organizations from 4 countries to choose that specific occasion to launch the Digital…

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IE.F Keynote at DLDeurope

Felix Styma, 08.09.2017

DLD Europe is back for its 2nd year in Brussels, bringing together Europe’s innovation community around subjects of policy, business, culture and academia. IE.F Managing Director Clark Parsons opened the conference with a keynote talk summarizing the State of the European Internet Economy, with m…

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IE.F Panel at ZEIT G20 Conference

Clark Parsons, 10.07.2017

The day before this year’s G20 Summit, many leading figures from politics and society gathered in the host city of Hamburg to debate the pressing issues on the global agenda. A daylong event hosted by Die ZEIT featured a wide range of panels on topics of economic development, social justice, the e…

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Bridging the Digital Gap - IE.F and partners establish transatlantic digital forum

Clark Parsons, 05.04.2017

In April 2017, the Internet Economy Foundation together with the Aspen Institute Germany and the Atlantic Council launched the initiative "Transatlantic Digital Bridges". The aim of this joint forum is to strengthen cooperation in the field of digitalization between politics, business and…

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New Policy Paper by the IE.F and Roland Berger

Felix Styma, 05.04.2017

In the run-up to the first meeting of the G20 digital ministers in Düsseldorf, the IE.F prepared in cooperation with Roland Berger a ‘digital agenda for the G20.’ It will presented at the transatlantic forum "Digital Bridges". The fundamental socio-economic revolution caused by digi…

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IE.F welcomes the German Federal Government's White Book „Digital Platforms“ as a Milestone

Clark Parsons, 20.03.2017

Press Release regarding White Book "Digital Platforms" The Chairman of the IE.F Board, Ralph Dommermuth, sees the White Book Digital Platforms from the Federal Government as a milestone for economic and political regulation in the Digital Age. "We welcome the fact that the Federal…

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Committee on the Digital Agenda debates digital platforms

Felix Styma, 16.12.2016

The Committee on the Digital Agenda of the German Bundestag held a public hearing this week on the topic "Platforms: Interoperability and Neutrality." Clark Parsons, the Managing Director of the Internet Economy Foundation, was among the invited speakers. Video of the complete hearing…

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BDI, HIIG und IE.F veröffentlichen gemeinsame Studie zu digitaler Bildung

Clark Parsons, 17.11.2016

Eine Studie des Alexander von Humboldt-Institut für Internet und Gesellschaft (HIIG) im Auftrag des Bundesverband der deutschen Industrie (BDI) und der Internet Economy Foundation (IE.F) untersucht den Digitalisierungsprozess im Kontext des Lernens in einer modernen Wissensgesellschaft. Die Studie …

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New Study by the IE.F and Roland Berger: Fair Play in the digital arena

Clark Parsons, 16.10.2016

Digital platforms and their business models are conquering industry after industry, region after region, market after market. Without platforms, nothing runs on the Internet any more, while the "old economy" too is increasingly dependent on their capabilities. Commercial users need them…

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European Commission Proposal for Telecom Reform

Clark Parsons, 14.09.2016

The wide adoption of a high-performance, fibre-based broadband infrastructure with gigabit speeds is the basis of the networked economy of tomorrow! In many European countries, especially in Germany, the current digital infrastructure does not meet these rising demands. With the presentation of…

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IE.F at DLDeurope16

Felix Styma, 05.09.2016

Source: DLD Media GmbH Everyone in Brussels and across Europe is working towards realizing the notion of a Digital Single Market in order to take away unnecessary barriers that prevent startups from scaling more quickly across Europe. But what are the promises of this Digital Single Market? Is the…

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Keynote by Prof. Pflüger at Demography Congress 2016

Prof. Dr. Friedbert Pflüger, 02.09.2016

Text available in German only Impulsvortrag vom Vorsitzenden der IE.F beim Demografiekongress 2016 zum Thema "Digitalisierung und Industrie 4.0 – Verlustbringer für den Arbeitsmarkt?" Source: Gesundheitsstadt Berlin GmbH Weiterbildung in der Digitalen Arbeitswelt Sehr geehrte Damen und He…

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New Study - Europe's Next Generation Networks

Clark Parsons, 23.08.2016

Internet Economy Foundation calls for EU legislation to safeguard competition in Telecommunications. In order to compete at the forefront of the global digital economy and meet its goals of broadband access for its citizens, Europe needs to prioritise the availability and roll out of ultra-fast…

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Internet Economy Foundation begrüßt den geplanten „Tech Growth Fund“ der Bundesregierung

Clark Parsons, 27.07.2016

Mitteilung der IE.F zum geplanten "Tech Growth Fund" Die Internet Economy Foundation begrüßt, dass die Bundesregierung nach Berichten der Zeitung „Die Welt“ (Nr. 30 | 24. Juli 2016) umfassende Innovationsmittel für die deutsche Startup-Szene zur Verfügung stellen will. Ralph Dommermuth, Vorsitz…

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IE.F Presentation at Axel Springer NOAH Berlin

Clark Parsons, 03.06.2016

At the 2nd NOAH Berlin conference, on June 9, IE.F Managing Director Clark Parsons will speak about the 7 steps needed to help foster a flourishing Internet economy in Europe. The presentation, at 2:45 p.m. on Thursday June 9, is based on a recent study released by the IE.F and Roland Berger which…

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Pressemitteilung der IE.F zum Google-Android-Verfahren

Clark Parsons, 20.04.2016

Internet Economy Foundation begrüßt Google-Android-Verfahren als wichtigen Schritt für fairen Wettbewerb. Die Internet Economy Foundation (IE.F) begrüßt das heutige Statement of Objections der Europäischen Kommission zu Vorinstallationen und vertikalen Verknüpfungen des Android Betriebssystems von Go…

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Rede von Prof. Pflüger zur Gründung der IE.F

Prof. Dr. Friedbert Pflüger, 18.04.2016

Ich begrüße Sie herzlich zur Gründung der Internet Economy Foundation. Vor 25 Jahren machte der britische Informatiker Tim Berners-Lee das am europäischen CERN entwickelte World Wide Web öffentlich und global zugänglich. Seither revolutioniert das Internet unser Leben, unsere Gesellschaft; es treib…

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Going Digital – Seven Steps to the Future

Clark Parsons, 14.04.2016

To mark the beginning of its work, the IE.F introduced a comprehensive study at its launch event on April 18, 2016. The study was researched and written together with Roland Berger. It identifies the seven most important sociopolitical areas of action in the context of digitalisation, and with this…

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Before we begin

Clark Parsons, 14.04.2016

Having spent years running or now advising companies in the tech or apps space, I’ve grown completely accustomed to a state of counting up from 1.0, of agile evolution. What began a product philosophy in the software branch has now become a relatively well-known concept: a state of incremental, f…

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Be An Early Customer.

Clark Parsons, 14.04.2016

You like to have the latest apps on your phone. Check. You like to see programs to foster more startups. Check. You like to have your company buy goods & services from startups. Uh, we’ll get back to you on that one. Everywhere you turn, people are talking about the need to support startups by g…

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