Press Release: DuckDuckGo donation to the IE.F

Roxaneh Tehran, 03.01.2023

The Internet Economy Foundation (IE.F) is delighted to announce that the privacy-enabling search engine DuckDuckGo has donated a contribution as part of its annual charity program for organizations working on behalf of competition or privacy. In 2022, DuckDuckGo awarded $1.1 Million to a range of NGOs, companies or think tanks working to protect freedom and competition in the digital realm.

“It is an honor for the IE.F to be recognized among such an illustrious group of organizations working towards a set of common goals in the Internet economy,” says IE.F Managing Director Clark Parsons. “We’re grateful for DuckDuckGo’s generous, unconditional support; it strengthens our resolve to keep fighting for a free, fair and contestable digital economy.”

“Since the IE.F began its work in 2016, we have been especially dedicated to bringing more competition to the platform economy. Even back then, in our study Fair Play in the Digital Arena, we called for restraints on “gatekeepers” and “bottlenecks”. Given DuckDuckGo’s noteworthy work to also bring more competition to the online search market, we see them as a valuable ally in our efforts,” says Parsons.

Among other notable 2022 recipients of the annual contribution are the Electronic Frontier Foundation, Signal, the Centre for Responsible Technology and the Tor Project. A full list of recipient organizations and their backgrounds can be found here.