IE.F welcomes the German Federal Government's White Book „Digital Platforms“ as a Milestone

Clark Parsons, 20.03.2017

Press Release regarding White Book "Digital Platforms"

The Chairman of the IE.F Board, Ralph Dommermuth, sees the White Book Digital Platforms from the Federal Government as a milestone for economic and political regulation in the Digital Age.

"We welcome the fact that the Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy, with its White Book Digital Platforms, now makes concrete proposals for the further development of the digital economy. The White Book is an important impulse for Germany’s digital future.

Especially important is the clear position of the Federal Government regarding fair play in the digital world. The White Book offers, together with the recent update of anti-competitive practices regulations, an excellent basis to create a regulatory framework that fosters open competition and true freedom of choice in digital markets.

We need an Internet economy that is marked by a high level of innovation, high value addition, trustworthy handling of data, high-performance infrastructure and responsibly-acting companies. The proposals from the Federal Government are well suited for this. To ensure that we are not left behind in the international race, Germany and Europe now need a rapid and wholehearted implementation".

Download the release as a PDF

More information regarding our view of this issue can be found in our recent study "Fair Play in the Digital Arena – How Europe Can Set the Right Framework for Platforms“.