New Policy Paper by the IE.F and Roland Berger

Felix Styma, 05.04.2017

In the run-up to the first meeting of the G20 digital ministers in Düsseldorf, the IE.F prepared in cooperation with Roland Berger a ‘digital agenda for the G20.’ It will presented at the transatlantic forum "Digital Bridges".

The fundamental socio-economic revolution caused by digitalization is, among others, stoking fears of job-loss and social decline amongst the population. For the great potential of digitalization to have a positive impact on people’s lives, a discussion of this social and economic cross-sectional topic within the framework of the G20 is of great significance. The German presidency this year additionally offers the unique opportunity to particularly express our German and European perspective.

The complete study is now available for download:

Download the study as a PDF

As a non-partisan think-tank and voice for the European Internet and digital economy, the IE.F has identified, together with Roland Berger, the most relevant fields of action for the digital agenda of the G20. The goal of such an agenda must be to translate the macroeconomic gains of digitalization into palpable individual gains in prosperity for citizens.

To this end, experts of IE.F and Roland Berger are detailing recommended courses of action for national and European policy makers and issuing the following demands:

  1. Secure fair and free online competition
  2. Create an innovation-friendly framework
  3. Accelerate comprehensive broadband expansion
  4. Promote social mobility through future-oriented education
  5. Secure the diversity of opinion in digital media