European Commission Proposal for Telecom Reform

Clark Parsons, 14.09.2016

The wide adoption of a high-performance, fibre-based broadband infrastructure with gigabit speeds is the basis of the networked economy of tomorrow! In many European countries, especially in Germany, the current digital infrastructure does not meet these rising demands.

With the presentation of its European Electronic Communication Code, the European Commission has now proposed a legal framework that will steer the modernization of the European telecommunications market in the right direction.

The proposal’s clear committment to fibre technology and fair competition as central tenets of private investment in Europe’s networks is an especially important aspect. It sets Europe on course for a gigabit society and fair digital competition, which the IE.F works to foster. In our recent study: Europe’s Next Generation Networks we demonstrate in great detail the essential role of legal measures that ensure competition and investment, which will in turn enable the realization of broadband networks that bring us Industrie 4.0, eHealth, Home Entertainment or the Internet of Things.